Migration - March Quarter 2014

March Quarter 2014

In March quarter of 2014, a total of 46,226 persons arrived in Papua New Guinea from abroad. This was a decrease of
30.1 percent compared to March quarter of 2013.

The number of visitor arrivals in the March quarter of 2014 was 29,483, which was 31.9 percent less than in March
quarter of 2013. Of these, 12,608 came for employment, 9,484 came for business, 3,318 came for holiday and 4,073
came for other reasons.

VisitorĂ­s arrivals by occupational group in March Quarter 2014 shows, Administration, Executive, Managerial group,
and Professional, Technical group accounted for 31.4 and 29.0 percent respectively.

As usual, the largest group of visitors in March quarter of 2014 was from Australia (13,940) who gave Australia as
their overseas address, accounting for 47.2 percent of all visitor arrivals. Substantial number of visitors also came
from Philippines (3,349), New Zealand (1,792), United States of America (1,467), China (1,390), and Other Oceania

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