Demographic Health Survey

The 2006 Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) is the second in a series of this type of survey conducted successfully in Papua New Guinea since 1996. The survey was conducted by the Population and Social Statistics Division (PSSD) of the National Statistical Office (NSO). Technical assistance for the survey was sought from International Consultants. The survey was jointly funded by the Government of Papua New Guinea (GoPNG) and Development partners with funding from Asian Development Bank (ADB), Australian Aid for International Development (AusAID), New Zealand Aid (NZAID), United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), and United Nations Childrens’ Fund (UNICEF).

The 2006 DHS National report presents the findings on the household and respondents characteristics, family planning, fertility, maternal and child health, infant, child and maternal mortality and other health related indicators such as antenatal care, breastfeeding, child vaccination, childhood diseases and HIV/AIDS. The 2006 DHS for the first time included a male questionnaire and questions on well being and sexual risk behaviour. As well as providing the national estimates, the survey also provides data disaggregated at the regional level. The three questionnaires used in this survey were specifically designed to capture data for monitoring and evaluation purposes for the performance of health and family planning programme in PNG. Furthermore, the results will assist in the monitoring of the progress towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the Medium Term Development Strategy (MTDS) 2006-2010.

The successful conduct and completion of this survey is a result of the combined effort of individuals and institutions particularly in their participation and cooperation in the Users Advisory Committee (UAC) and the National Steering Committee (NSC) in the different phases of the survey, their contribution is greatly appreciated.

We would like to thank the Government of PNG and our Development partners: ADB, AusAID, NZAID, UNFPA and UNICEF for funding this survey and the International Consultants for providing technical assistance.

We also would like to extend our sincere thanks to all persons who participated at various phases of this survey especially the respondents, interviewers, supervisors, quality controllers and staff of NSO PNG for their tireless efforts and dedication in the successful completion of the 2006 DHS.


Click to download the DHS National Report, 2006